Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SFSU Welcomes GWAR

In an effort to step up the standards of it's English curriculum, San Francisco State University has made the bold move to enlist the crazed alien-metal band GWAR, which it hopes will better prepare its graduates for the 21st century workplace.

Well, not really.

Courtesy of MyLifeDump:

San Francisco State University had a graduation requirement where everyone in the undergraduate program had to take and pass JEPET (Junior English Proficiency Essay Test). If you failed, you had to take English 414 and pass it with a C or better grade in order to graduate.

JEPET was the most hated graduation requirement on campus. I took the test and passed but I am wondering if I still have to take a writing intensive course within my major to graduate according to newly implemented Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement or GWAR.

GWAR is different from JEPET because you take a writing-intensive course within your major and not a standardized test. This means one more class in addition to all the other classes required for a particular major. SFSU has begun offering GWAR courses Spring ‘09 semester but not all majors currently have the GWAR course.