Saturday, August 30, 2008

OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard: Fix the Finder!

With OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard", Apple's Goal is to "Enhance the performance of OS X, set a new standard for quality and lay the foundation for future OS X innovation." They are promising that, although there will be no huge feature additions, 10.6 will be worth our while since it will give Apple the opportunity to clean up their code and make a cleaner, leaner, meaner OS X.

Yet, missing from the feature list which includes things like Grand Central, is something that Mac users have been clamoring for for a while: An overhaul of the Finder.

I will totally get this upgrade if, on their list of fixes they fix the #%@#% Finder. Seriously, it's the most used, most prominent element of OS X in need of an update. Most people will get way more mileage out of an overhaul of the Finder than any of the other things I've seen listed.

For instance, fix the crashes, have Trash remember the origin of deleted files so you can actually recover them, and have enable Undo/Trash support for files that are erased by the "copy and replace" Finder operation. For that matter, how about a "copy and merge" function instead of (or in addition to) the aforementioned?

Six Corporations Own Everything You Read, See, and Hear

Really scary... turn off the TV.  The corporations are GE, Time Warner, Disney, News Corporation (Fox), CBS, and Viacom.